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Airplanes must pass stringent safety tests before they are allowed to be passenger carriers. 🔊 Among these men there was a stringent code of honour, any infringement of which was punished by death. In the course of his lark he managed to make a wide breach in one of the university's most stringent laws. The Chinese government has in vain attempted to deal with the evil by stringent laws. Examples of stringent The quantity of exports has declined since the early 80s due to the stringent procedures by the government. From the Cambridge English Corpus Previously, discount window loans were typically granted at below-market rates, with stringent requirements employed to limit access to this credit. Stringent in a sentence | stringent example sentences For a stringent condition if you want a.

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The Chinese government has in vain attempted to deal with the evil by stringent laws. Stringent in a sentence 1. She failed to meet the stringent selection criteria. 2.

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Until Hachiyas are ripe, they are shockingly astringent. Find 52 ways to say STRINGENT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. use "stringent" in a sentence These are still directives by the Security Council and differ only in that they do not have the same stringent enforcement options, such as the use of military force". Due to less-stringent orbital laws they were able to clone their remaining family from these two.

Stringent in a sentence

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Stringent in a sentence

123. It is important to take stringent precautions against contamination in the lab. 124.

Stringent in a sentence

A core belief among the Stockholm criminologists is that imprisonment is ineffective and. destructive  English to Swedish. Sentence Translation.
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Stringent in a sentence

volume_up more_vert Stringent sentence examples:1.the conditions imposed on volunteers were Stringent.2.there is a distinct risk that in trying to stay ahead of innovation, regulation may get so Stringent that it stifles innovation.3.our training requirements are the most Stringent in the can take Stringent austerity measures.

The Act imposes more stringent regulations on atmospheric pollution. 3.
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Our stringent maintenance policy includes regular comprehensive health checks. Examples of stringent in a sentence: 1. Our lighting restrictions are far more stringent than they are up here. 2. Yet the laws were very stringent in other respects besides apparel. Always focus on the learning on sentences with “stringent“ We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word stringent in a sentence.